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When creating a guide or documentation on a specific process, please follow these basic guidelines.

  1. Always search the wiki to make sure a page doesn't already exist for the topic you wish to document.
  2. If a topic is similar to one that already exists, try to incorporate it in the existing article.
  3. If a specific topic, does not exist, search for the exact article name you would like. Click the name you searched for where it says "Create the page "Article Name" on this wiki!". This will create a new article with the name "Article Name" (or whatever you searched for).
  4. If you have a change that would optimize a particular guide, comment in the discussion tab in the top left of a page rather then directly editing a page unless the change is to correct an obvious error (Typos, etc).
  5. Try to follow the Formatting Guidelines as much as possible, but if you are uncomfortable with wikitext, don't worry about it. Just write your article the best that you can and eventually go through and add syntax highlighting and other wikitext where appropriate. Several people will be editing pages and keeping a watch over the content, so don't worry if it isn't 100% perfect.
  6. Make sure the page is categorized (See guidelines for how to do a category tag). This allows people to find the content easily and makes the wiki more usable.
  7. Always give credit to other blogs/websites/mailing lists or individuals whenever you use their work. If the article content is not your original work, please give credit to whose work it is. Try to ask for permission to use the work before you post it on the wiki, but if you cannot get ahold of the author, link to their page from the article and make it clear where the info came from.
  8. Thats it! I hope you enjoy the OS X Deployment Wiki and I hope that it helps you Manage your macs!