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Description of what this page is about/for.

Example Heading[edit]

To do this heading, you would use the following wikitext:

==Example Heading==

Putting code into a block and Syntax Highlighting it[edit]

To get something that looks like this:

cd /path/to/dir

This is done with this wikitext command:

<syntaxhighlight lang="bash">
cd /path/to/dir

syntaxhighlight supports many languages, the full list can be found here:

Linking to outside pages and other wiki pages[edit]

To link to an outside page like this Google
Use this wikitext:

[ Google]

The formatting of links is the link first then a description of the link. If you'd like, you can just put the link twice.

To link to another page within the wiki, use double brackets like this:


This would link to the Guidelines page.

Categorizing Pages[edit]

To put a page in a specific category, use the following wikitext: