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Customizing the user is now a feature of RC130 and newer. These directions are only needed for RC129

Adding ARD support for OS X 10.7 Netboot sets in RC129 was great news. Being limited to dsuser was not as great of news. Luckily, it is easy to change that.

Back Up the Originals[edit]

First things first, make a copy of the two files that we will be editing. There are located here:


Make a copy of these files, name them whatever you would like (I personally just add _bak before the extensions).

Editing the files[edit]

  1. Rename "dsuser.plist" to whatever you would like your administrator's username to be. In this example, we will simply call it "Administrator.plist".
  2. Next, open "Administrator.plist" in your favorite text editor (VIM or textwrangler are quite nice) and do a find and replace. Replace every instance of "dsuser" with "Administrator."
  3. Now open the file and do one last find and replace. Once again, replace every instance of "dsuser" with "Administrator".
  4. Thats it! Just generator a Netboot set like you normally would, enter the password you want for the ARD user in the DS Assistant app and you are done (Ignore where the interface says username = dsuser ).