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Welcome to the AFP548 Wiki. This wiki is meant to be an open resource for anyone who deploys Mac images, manages patches, settings and/or security on their end-user machines.

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If you would like to contribute documentation, please see AFP548 Wiki Guidelines for details on how to format your wiki contributions. All corrections and contributions are welcome! Firstboot Script Commands
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This wiki is for any system admin to use in order to document processes that they think would be useful for others. The idea is to compile guides for various different deployment and management software in a central location so that one can easily get a basic setup going. This Wiki is NOT intended to replace many of the great mailing lists, forums and blogs that are out there but rather to augment them by keeping helpful bits of information in one easily searched location. This Wiki will allow any OS X Administrator to make an educated decision regarding which software they use and have a sufficient understanding of the software in order to be successful.

Another benefit to sharing documentation is that it can improve everyone's workflow versus what one can do by themselves. Many times, a more elegant solution can be reached when multiple people look over scripts, deployment workflows and various other management setups. Feel free to use the afp548 forums to discuss possible changes or improvements upon the various guides, workflows or settings compilations.

Anyone that would like to document a specific process or create a guide is welcome to do so. Just create an account on the main website and follow the guidelines in the AFP548 Wiki Guidelines page.

MacAdmins Slack[edit]

If you are looking for more information not in this wiki or simply want to discuss amongst other OS X admins, join us on the MacAdmins Slack team.