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Note: The machine running the workflow *must* have internet access and must be able to contact for this script to work properly.

To get warranty information into your DeployStudio Workflows, follow these steps.

  • Grab the latest version of from this page:
  • Open DeployStudio Admin and go to the Scripts section.
  • Click the + sign to make a new script and name it or anything else that makes sense to you.
  • Delete the default contents out of the new script you just created in DeployStudio Admin.
  • Select all the contents of the script you downloaded from GitHub and paste them into the script in DeployStudio Admin.
  • Change #!/bin/bash to #!/bin/sh (DeployStudio uses sh by default.)
  • Click save.
  • Go to the workflow that you would like to have warranty information in.
  • Add a new Script Task (Generic Task).
  • Select the script in the Command section
  • In the Parameters section, put in "-f DSProperties" (minus the quotes of course)
  • Check the automate box.
  • Click save.

You should now have custom Properties in your task sequence that contain the warranty information of the machine that runs the workflow. The properties available are listed below:


These variables can be access in the normal fashion ( $PURCHASE_DATE for instance). Enjoy!