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Additional Resources[edit]

To get the most out of your Munki, take a look through these resources.



Right here! Nate Walck did a great How To Munki_Guide. This contains a lot of additional information that my wiki pages don't cover. I highly suggest folks reference this for more detail, depth, caveats, usage and options as you move on.

Official Munki Stuff[edit]

Project Home[edit]

Munki Wiki[edit]

Glossary of Terms[edit]

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

Manged Installs Keys and Info[edit]

Manifest Sample and Keys[edit]

Official Getting Started Guide[edit]

Mac Tech Magazine[edit]

Mac Tech Magazine is a great monthly publication for Mac Sys Admins. My inspiration to give the presentation (that precipitated this guide) was Greg Neagle's 3 part series in October, November and December of 2010 (though someone stole my Nov issue :\ ) The table of contents are here if you want to order back issues.

There you have it. I've referenced all of the above for my own implementation for managing my own labs. Each and every resource listed has been invaluable in getting introduced and acclimated to Munki. Make the most of your Munki and move on with these great resources.