Office 2011 and InstaDMG

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This guide is meant to show you how to include Office 2011 (Volume licensed) into your OS X image created with InstaDMG.

In order to prepare Office 2011, you will need to modify a few files (described to some extent in this thread). Rather than manually modifying the files, the links below will provide a patcher applet for Office and its updates which does the necessary modifications to get Office to work with InstaDMG. The way the applets work is simple: drag the Office installer or update .pkg onto the patcher applet. It will run the scripts in the applet which will modify the .pkg for you.

Here are the patchers you will need:

Apply to Office 2011 Installer (pre-SP1):
(note: This patcher has not yet been updated to work with the SP1-integrated installer, as the pkg component paths to modify have changed. More information here:)

Apply to Office 14.1.0 and 14.1.4 Updaters:
(note: This updater patcher is not warrantied. It bypasses the installer checks for all components, meaning that components that were not originally installed with Office will try to install. For the default install of Office components, I have not seen any obvious issues, but I still recommend a) more testing be done, b) a more selective patcher be written, c) abandon using InstaDMG for Office 2011 updates and use some other method. --Timothy Sutton)

Apply to Office 14.1.0 and 14.1.4 (and Communicator 13.1.0 and 13.1.2)

It doesn't matter in what order you patch Office 14.1.0 and 14.1.2.

Download links to updates:
Office 14.1.0:

Office 14.1.2:

Office 14.1.3:

Office 14.1.4:

Communicator 13.1.0:

Communicator 13.1.1:

Communicator 13.1.2:

Please note the following:
1-Once you create a checksum hash for these packages in your catalog file, you may find that the hash will change after your first run with these packages in an image. When you try to run InstaDMG a second time you may get an error message, you just need to make sure the checksum hash is valid before you try anything else.
2-This has been tested to work on the original Office 2011 installer.
3-The patcher for Communicator 13.1.0 has not been confirmed to work with Communicator 13.1.1, but it DOES work with Communicator 13.1.2. While the download link to more recent updates have been provided, the patcher is not guaranteed to work on them.